Top 5 Saving Tips For A Longer Holiday

You work hard all year to get your big holiday vacation and then it feels like it’s over before its even started. Holidays move so quickly that it is easy to wish for a longer break. You may feel that long vacations are for the mega rich and gap year students but with careful planning, longer holidays can be acheived. There are 5 key tips for learning how to save for a longer holiday.

  1. Set Goals – Firstly and most importantly, set your goal of wanting a long terms holiday and make a deadline for when you need to pay for the holiday. Having specific figures and dates to aim for will help you reach that target. The longer the run up you give yourself to save, the better and less stressed you’ll be when you book the holiday because you’ll have all the money (or most of it available right there and then).
  2. Separate Savings Account – Having a high interest savings account will keep your saving cash separate and earn whilst it is just sitting there. Having it apart from your normal account will reduce the temptation to spend it. Many people like to pay directly into their savings account from their pay check or they set up a direct debit to transfer from their account as soon as they are paid. This helps because you don’t get to see the money and it is in your savings account before you even have it.
  3. Rewards Credit Cards – Consider one of the rewards credit cards or frequent flyer credit cards on the market which reward your spending with travel perks such as Qantas points, free travel insurance or even a free flight. Its worth checking out the options. Don’t be put off – you don’t need to apply for a gold or platinum card to get great travel perks.
  4. Make Small Daily Savings – There are also many daily savings you can make to your expenditure. If you regularly get a coffee on the way to work why not keep a jar of coffee at work and have one there. This would offer great savings per day. Similarly, if you take bus rides for short journeys perhaps you could walk and save the case, as well as getting great exercise.
  5. Shop Around – Lastly, it is always important to book early and research all the prices. With internet price comparison sites such WebJet, it is easier to find the best price available and these sites should always be checked before buying.

With a bit of forward planning and following these 5 simple tips, it is possible to make saving to earn a longer holiday.

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