Review of a Popular Low Rate Credit Card

Master your spending and your debt with the low rate card such as the ANZ Low Rate MasterCard. With a low rate of 11.99%, 0 percent on transfer balances, and 55 days of interest free credit on new purchases, this card is a great way to gain control over your spending as you consolidate your credit card debt.

Features of this card
The ANZ Low Rate MasterCard is the lowest interest rate ANZ credit card has to offer. At 11.99% for new purchases and 19.99% on cash advances along with a 55 day interest free credit on new purchases this card gives holders an opportunity to save interest expense compared with other credit cards. The $58 a year annual account fee is also the lowest currently charged by any ANZ credit card. The ANZ Low Rate MasterCard also offers features such as the ability to add three additional card holders to a single account at no additional charge, 24 hour, 7 day a week on-line banking, and the ability to access multiple MasterCard services for the purchase of travel and entertainment.

This card allows you to access funds around the globe, make special purchases of dinning and entertainment, and receive special travel benefit available exclusively to MasterCard card holders. There are also exclusive ANZ services such as:

Applications online for this card receive a response within 60 seconds. If successful, your card will be mailed to you within five days. You may also design your own card by uploading a image to appear on the front of the card.

At a full percent lower than other low interest credit cards, this ANZ Low Rate MasterCard offers true credit savings from a large, dependable bank with a global network to assist travelers with world wide services. Such services include air travel, car rental, hotels and dining. ANZ Low Rate MasterCard also offers a full percent point lower interest on cash advances and 55 days of interest free credit on new purchases.

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