New Credit Card: CitiBank and Emirates Combine Forces

Some people like general credit cards and some people prefer cards that are more specialized. For people who have to fly a lot for business or pleasure, getting a credit card that provides free airfare is something that you might want to look into. Citibank, and airline Emirates have combined forces to provide free miles for every dollar that spent when using their new rewards card. What this means is that if you do a lot of your business purchasing with one of these cards, you can pretty much fly wherever you need to go without paying a dime for tickets.

There are many things that make the Emirates Citi Platinum Card a good choice, one being that you get 1.5 skymiles for every dollar that you spend. This can really translate into a lot of free airfare depending upon what you use the credit card for.

This card will make sure that you are taken care of in other ways, too. You can take advantage of complimentary chauffeur service to and from your home to the airport, helping you save money on the parking and on transportation to your flight. More than this, this offers a really strong brand experience which flyers will find hard to dislike. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to be picked up from their house, chauffeur driven to the airport and checked onto the flight at the first class desk?

Though the annual fee for this card might seem a little bit high at $199, it is really a nice deal when you compare it to other credit cards. This annual fee can be recouped quickly with your air rewards if you purchase enough things with your card.

In addition, the card offers a lifelong, solid offer on balance transfers. At 4.9%, you can pay off other debts and really get creative with how you spend the money. This is a very important thing that some people might not take seriously, but they certainly should.

The reason why this card is better than a lot of the other airline credit cards out there is that it combines a number of excellent services all into one bundle. It has a two month 0% interest period, which is longer than most cards offer. On top of that, the balance transfer option on this card is better than what you will see out of a lot of the competitors.

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