A Simple Guide to Moving House

Moving House Boxes

Moving House Boxes

I helped a family member move a mammoth 3 hrs north from where they had been living and I can tell you that moving house at best is a busy and stressful time, but there are ways to make the move run more smoothly and organised which means less stress come moving day. A movers’ checklist helps keep the task at hand from the beginning to end of the move.

Here are the tips that I have learned:

About 4 – 6 weeks before the move, a firm date has to be set to move into the new house and arrangements made with your job to have moving day off. Then preparations for mail to be redirected to the new address on the move date needs to be made. And before any early packing can be done, all of the junk and unused stuff needs to be purged from the home and got rid of (this allows for a fresh start). When planning a move a few things to consider are; will all of the appliances fit in the new house, will the budget allow for professional movers or will friends and family help move.

Another moving checklist needs to be done about 2 weeks before the moving date and should include; the connection and disconnection of utility accounts for both houses, canceling any local services associated to the current house that is being lived in. When the furniture and all other personal belongings are moved from the house it needs to be properly cleaned either by a professional carpet cleaner and general house cleaner or if doing it yourself is an option because the budget is a factor.

On moving day there are several last minute things going on, so it is helpful to have a checklist to check off tasks that are done. Getting up early will allow plenty of time to get ready for the day and pack up a few last minute essentials needed for everyday life in a house. This includes; all bathroom items, medicines, toiletries, and a change of clothes. Another box of kitchen essentials needs to be packed after it is used, which usually includes; coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, snacks, coffee pot, silverware, mugs, and etc…

Knowing the inventory of the furniture going out will help when it goes into the new house. Before leaving check all storage areas, windows, and doors of the house before locking the doors for good. Make or confirm the collection of the key and turn off electricity at the meter. Be sure to keep all important papers, insurance papers, valuables, and personal items with you.

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