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One Dollar More: Personal Finance Picks for October

In lieu of writing my own blog post I thought I’d post on One Dollar More with my top personal finance blog picks from October.

Billshrink VC Firms [Infographic]

“Where’s the money? Here’s a look at where the most active VC firms in the US are and the biggest deals have been made. Venture funding increased during the third quarter over the first two quarters of 2009, but is still down 33 percent from one year ago.” Link

11 Incredible Homes From Around the World for Under $50K

“No doubt there will be a few reading ready to point out the error in the title. Surely, it’s a mistake? Homes for less than 50K? No way! But yet, it’s true.” Link

92 Quotes About Debt That’ll Make You Think, Laugh, & Tweet!

“A passionate quote can provoke thought, encourage laughter, or inspire thousands into action.” Link from Man vs Debt

Contest: Free Access to a Resume Service

There’s a contest on over at Miranda Marquit’s Yielding Wealth blog where one lucky winner will win a free resume CV consultation. With the news that unemployment is up, and the likelihood that we will be seeing a jobless recovery increasing each week, your ability to get a job becomes important. Enter it if you need to brush up that resume.

20 Signs Your Personal Finances Are In Tatters

“It’s payday next week, and the time just isn’t going quick enough. You’ve already earmarked a dozen things you want to buy, and then there’s those nights out with your mates you planned – now you can finally afford a few drinks… or can you?”

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The 3 Categories of Money: Earn, Spend and Give

Money, its such a big subject but its something that we all need to understand better than we do and its something that i want to be able to teach to my kids.

There are basically only 3 categories of money; earning money (or ‘obtaining’ it), spending money and giving money away.

These are the 3 basic areas of personal finance I want to think about in this blog post.  If you’re like most people you will think you’re not earning enough, you spend too much and you need to work on giving your money away to church, charity or friends in need.

Earning Money

Doesn’t matter how you phrase it, this is the bringing in of money which means getting a job. Your income, believe it or not is the most important part of the personal finance equation and you have to protect your income if you’re ever going to getting out of dodge.

Spending Money

What do you spend your money on? Groceries, latte’s, rent, loan repayments, fuel, clothes, holidays, miscellaneous expenses. The list goes on and on. The simple truth is that if you are going to be wise with your money you should never be spending more than you earn, nor anywhere close. Dave Ramsey, for instance, would teach that you shouldn’t be spending more than 1/3% of your take home (post tax) pay on home loan repayments otherwise you’ll become ‘house poor’ i.e only able to afford the house but having nothing left over for perks, holidays, little treats and of course giving money.

Giving Money

How do you perform in the giving department? Do you give you charity? Are you generous with your money? Or are you like a lot of people who are sticklers for giving?

My post is over for tonight. Hope thats been something worth reading.

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