Australian based, free to read, no ads and helpful.

One Dollar More tries to keep its money advice relevant and accurate.

Please understand that our posts do not substitute for professional advice and that you’re responsible for your own money management choices.

All the posts are here for informational purposes only and are not intended to take the place of professional financial advice from your broker or bank.

If you are already in a deep hole of debt and need FREE Professional guidance then contact:

Financial Ombudsman Service, 1300 780 808
Credit Ombudsman Service, 1800 138 422
Financial counsellors

Care Financial Counselling Service, 02 6257 1788

Financial Counsellors Association of NSW
Credit & Debt Hotline, 1800 808 488
Consumer Credit Legal Centre

Anglicare, 08 8948 2700 (Alice Springs) or 08 8985 0000 (Darwin)

Financial Counselling Association of Queensland, 07 332 13192

The South Australian Financial Counsellors Association

Anglicare, 03 6234 3510 or 1800 243 232

Consumer Affairs Victoria, 1300 55 8181
Consumer Action Law Centre Victoria

Financial Counsellors Association of WA, 08 9325 1617
Consumer Credit Legal Service

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