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One Dollar More: Personal Finance Posts for November

Another post on One Dollar More where I point out some of the best personal finance stories and posts which I have come across in November:

10 Simple Tips for Saving Up a House Deposit

There is no question that there are property deals to be had right now with homes more affordable than in a long time, especially for the first time buyer. But there is a catch. Banks willing to give out mortgages are requiring larger deposits. Check out the 10 Simple Tips for Saving Up A House Deposit from Money Hacker.

Travel Hacking for Noobs: How We Save Hundreds on Airfare, Get Free Accommodation, & Make Money while Overseas

Matt from Man vs Debt blogs on his advanced travel hacking and how that, contrary to popular belief, saving money on the road is actually quite simple.

Making Cash From Trash: The Recycled Art of Clare Graham

The unusual yet compelling art of Clare Graham is testament to the belief ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

3 Stocks With High-Quality Growth

Growth is scarce at the moment. About three-quarters of companies in the S&P 500 index have issued financial results for the third-quarter reporting season. Read Jack Hough’s 3 Stocks With High-Quality Growth on Smart Money.

4 Home Improvements that Can Boost the Value of Your Home

While you can’t really expect to get 100% ROI on home improvements, read the four that can give a respectable return on Personal Finance Corner written by Miranda Marquit when you go to sell your home.

Writing an Awesome Personal Executive Summary

Great post on Financial Fizzle on how to write a great executive summary is to live up to its namesake by providing a short, broad overview of the entire plan. It’s a quick reference to its contents, and many parts of it may be completed even after the rest of the plan is written.

The Great Big List Of 75 Budgeting Tools, Finance Softwares And Iphone Money Apps

One of the most important things when it comes to personal finance is taking control of your money, instead of allowing it to control you. Read the post on Bible Money Matters.

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Do you use a Credit card or Debit card?

For some people, credit cards can present a serious problem when it comes to spending control. Students and young people are especially susceptible to this, as they can often have poor spending habits when they first head off to uni and gain a measure of freedom. In order to help people control their bad spending habits, banks are offering debit cards so that people can access their money using a card using Visa instead of the Eftpos.

The best thing about this a debit card is that you can set your spending limits. Customers are only able to spend as much money as they have in their bank account, so this can really help to suppress frivolous spending a great deal. Really this is a pre-credit approach to spending where the consumer only spends what they have instead of the “buy now and forever be in debt” model that so many of us now operate under.

Many banks offer Visa debit cards to their customers, including ANZ, BankWest, St. George and smaller regional building societies such as Newcastle Permanent.

Take for example the St. George Visa Debit Card, its accepted almost everywhere because Visa. It gives you the ability to make purchases everywhere that Visa is accepted, and this includes making internet purchases. Along those same lines, the card has special protections to make internet purchasing a little bit safer than it might have otherwise been.

One of the excellent aspects of this card is that it will take cash out of the equation for travelers. If you are going on a trip, you don’t want to be carrying lots of cash on your person. This can be dangerous and it is really unnecessary, given the fact that there are acceptable options at your disposal.

Lots of these debit cards have popped up recently, but that doesn’t mean that they are all the same. The St. George Visa Debit Card stands out from the crowd because of its wide spread access across the world. When you are working with the power of Visa, you can be reasonably sure that you are going to be able to get money out of an ATM or make an important purchase no matter where you find yourself. In addition, you will get 10 free email or text message alerts to keep you up to date on the important details that matter to your account.

What do you have in your pocket? Credit or Debit?

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10 Finance Tips For Working Mums

Being a working mum can be a difficult task what with having to do a balancing act between maintaining the home and doing justice to professional duties. Here are some tips to make your life as a working mum easier and more worthwhile.

1. Get paid help: Spending a little money on getting help might well be worth it, because your overall career ambitions are better met when you are free of household worries.
2. Contract out the work: Finding people to take care of your chores on a short-term contract basis might be a solution that is both flexible, and works out cheaper in the long run.
3. Be prepared for hard work: Many women give up too easily on the professional front because of the pressures on the personal front. Being prepared for a bit of hard work from the beginning will help you combat this.
4. Make a budget: If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. As a working mum you need to budget both your financial and other resources.
5. Earn more: How much you earn might be another important factor in determining your success as a working mother, because that might be the best way to fight the temptation and pressures to give up.
6. Choose your employer with care: When your children are still young you might need to work for someone who understands.
7. Choose the job with care: There may be certain jobs that wouldn’t allow you to do justice both to the job and your role as a mum. Avoid taking on such jobs.
8. Involve your husband: Your problems as a working mum can be substantially reduced if your husband understands and helps you out.
9. Don’t worry about lost time: If you proceed on maternity leave, you’re going to have to lose some time, but don’t let that worry you. You can always make up that time later with a bit of hard work.
10. Make yourself the best: If you excel in your job your other disadvantages will disappear, and your employer might even volunteer help.

One final tip. More than likely you’ve got a credit card with a significant balance which isn’t being cleared. So, stop slugging around credit card debt – make moves to shake it or at least move your to one of the decent balance transfer credit cards on the market in order to take advantage of zero percent interest for a few months.

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