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Some Useful Tips for Kitchen Renovation

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Lots of first time home buyers are whetting their teeth on the market or the first time. And, many like some in my family, are simply getting on with their retirement, selling their old house and buying another house. So as I walked around the kitchen of a house I inspected at the weekend I thought, “what can I do to renovate this kitchen?” Thankfully there’s a lot that can be done for every kitchen!

There are usually two reasons homeowners decide to renovate.

  1. To enhance the comfort and functionality of their kitchens while they live there
  2. To add value so the house will sell easier.

The second reason was the one I was thinking at the weekend because when you buy an old beater of a house, you have the room and hopefully the money to renovate – and if you don’t you can always take out a personal loan.

So, when considering a renovation, the most important first step is to plan well. With a renovation, homeowners have an opportunity to fix and change the things that irk or bother them about their kitchens. Whatever changes decided on, plan thoroughly and make sure traffic patterns flow and function well, and adequate storage to accommodate pots, crockery and food have been met.

Other important considerations:

Cabinets are the dominating feature in most kitchens. Any renovation should involve at least a thorough cleaning. If the finish is outdated, then consider sanding down the cabinet doors and shelf facings, and either painting or re staining them in a popular hue. If cabinets are being replaced, consider using particle board for the cabinet boxes, and then hardwood for the doors. This will save hundreds of dollars.

Bench tops
The popular choice for counter tops is granite because it is durable, heat and scratch resistant, and beautiful. A 20-40 mm thick slab is the standard thickness. Also consider different height levels of bench tops. For example the stove top should be lower than the sink and preparation areas.

In Australia, there are many options for flooring. Vinyl flooring is the least expensive. Cork tiles are comfortable, but they stain; they are priced around $90 per sq. meter. Tile floors are maintenance free, but feel cool to the touch. Hardwood floors are lovely, but can cost around $130 per sq. meter.

It is important to place lighting where it is needed like over the benches and over the sink. Try to avoid shadows. Also install one circuit for each appliance and then at least two more for the outlets. No one wants the toaster sparking when the microwave turns on.

There you go, these are my tips for kitchen renovation. Do you have any tips of your own? Leave a comment

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