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Money Saving Tip of the Day: Switch to LPG

Want to know how to save a lot of money week to week on one of your highest expenses? Read this quote from David Purchase of VACC.

“There has been a lot of recent industry and media discussion regarding alternative fuels and electric powered vehicles in particular. VACC can see the potential of plug-in vehicles, but they are for the future, especially when you consider re-charging networks and training courses for repairers still need to be addressed. But LPG is for the now. It is viable, environmentally friendly and the technology and infrastructure is proven,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said.

So, either buy a full LPG car or convert your current vehicle to LPG. The cost for the LPG gas is less than half of unleaded petrol and diesel. LPG doesn’t fluctuate as much as as unleaded. Plus the shopper dockets, rewards credit cards help to lower the cost even further.

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